who we are

MBH is a German leader in the manufacturing and assembly of high quality, reliable and environment-friendly power generating sets, using renowned and highly efficient diesel and gas engines.

Maschinenbau Halberstadt

More than 60 years of reliable and highly efficient power solutions

Gen-set Assembly
100 %
Machining Services
100 %
Own Engines Spare Parts
100 %


In addition to generating sets assembly, our main activities also comprise machining services for big and heavy mechanical parts, the supply of all needed spare parts for our own engines, and the worldwide repair and maintenance of our equipment and engines.

Our maintenance services

From Predictive to Preventive and Reactive Maintenance, all in one hand!

  • Engine Repair
    Our highly experienced team of engineers and technicians rely on decades of expertise in order to bring back your engine…
  • Engine Overhauling
    Overhauls are a smart strategy to lengthen the life time of your engine, optimizing the equation of operating costs and…
  • Engine Upgrading
    Challenge: All I.C. engines are subject to wear of pistons, piston rings and cylinder liners. Specifically when running with HFO,…
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corporate Values

Adhering to high ethical principles and standards, basing our actions on doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason.

Creating a culture that values individual and collective energy, spirit, leadership, and innovation.

Delivering what we promise, adding value beyond what is expected, and achieving excellence through innovation, learning, and agility.

vision and mission
Harm van der Meer Plant Manager
These vision and mission statements guide our corporate activities and policies, setting our course for the future.Our Vision is to be a German leader in the manufacturing and assembly of high quality, reliable and environment friendly power generation products, namely generating sets, and be known for our commitment to our customers. Our Mission is to: - Promote the “made in Germany” high quality brand image - Manufacture and assemble high quality and efficient generating sets using Continue Reading