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High Speed Diesel Generating Sets

- HIGH SPEED DIESEL GENERATING SETS - Diesel powered high speed generating sets remain the most popular units for continuous, prime, standby and emergency power needs worldwide; this is why MBH offers a complete range of high speed diesel gen-sets. The high speed diesel gen-sets manufactured by MBH have the following specifications and benefits: -…
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Medium Speed Diesel Generating Sets

- MEDIUM SPEED DIESEL GENERATING SETS - The main components of generating sets assembled at MBH include: Engine, alternator, radiator, flexible coupling, control panel, LV / MV switchgears, container, base frame, muffler, and auxiliaries. MBH is ISO certified and complies with German standard DIN/VDE and international standards ISO 8528, IEC and BS. Product Features: -…
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Gas Generating Sets

- GAS GENERATING SETS - The Gas Generating Sets assembled at MBH are based on GE Waukesha and Liebherr gas engines. GE WAUKESHA GAS ENGINES GE Waukesha Engines are manufactured in the USA. They are hard at work powering the world's energy infrastructure - driving compressors in gas gathering, processing and transmission operations and providing…
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